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John Redwood calls for a renegotiation of Britain's relationship with the EU followed by a referendum

REDWOOD JOHN The blog of former Cabinet Minister John Redwood is essential reading and we regularly link to his posts in our latest news and blogs section.

But his post this morning on how to transfer power from the European Union to Westminster will attract particular attention.

Apart from not ceding any more power to Brussels, he says that Britain should reclaim its veto over a number of areas - including employment and social law, immigration and home affairs - as well as reclaiming control over fishing grounds and rolling back the common agricultural policy.

Mr Redwood adds that level of the British contribution to EU coffers will also need to be raised.

He rejects wholesale withdrawal from the EU - which, he points out, would require negotiation in any case - but concludes:

"I think it best to have a renegotiation, and then to put the results to the people. It is high time the people could express a view on the value of our relationship with the EU. We might get that on Lisbon, if it remains unratified and there is a change of government. If not, let’s have a referendum on any renegotiation. That will concentrate Brussels minds on the need to give us real power back, if the people are going to judge the outcome. As a minimum we need full control of our social and employment policies, taxation, foreign and defence policy, and of Home afairs."

Jonathan Isaby


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