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James Gray shames the Conservative Party

Picture 15 From the News of the World:

"Top Tory MP James Gray is exposed as a greedy skinflint after claiming for Remembrance Day WREATHS on expenses.  Astonishingly when this perk was finally stopped he had the nerve to COMPLAIN to the Leader of the House.  Embarassingly for the former Shadow Defence Minister, we uncovered his SELFISH whining yesterday just as SELFLESS hero soldier Major Phil Packer-who lost the use of both legs in a Basra rocket attack- completed the London Marathon on crutches after a gruelling 14 days to benefit Help for Heroes.

In a shocking twist on the scandal surrounding MPs' outrageous expenses claims, onetime Tory whip Gray moaned he was £60 down on the deal after buying three poppy tributes to Britain's fallen heroes to place at war memorials in his North Wiltshire constituency.  He demanded taxpayers foot the bill and was put out when he got turned down, claiming he'd always got away with it in the past.

Unabashed, the MP said: "It's necessary for me to attend three ceremonies and I have therefore to buy three wreaths at £20 each, so I am out of pocket to the tune of £60.""

More here.

If this is true it's the worst expenses story yet.  Mr Gray should do the decent thing and leave politics at the next General Election.

Tim Montgomerie

11.15pm Iain Dale is stronger than I am: "James Gray is a class one copper bottomed shit... ConservativeHome has already called for him to leave politics at the next election. I'll go one step further and urge David Cameron to withdraw the whip from him. I feel sick to the stomach that an MP from the party I support could even contemplate claiming money for a wreath, let alone actually going ahead and doing it."


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