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Hague clears way for vote of no confidence in the Speaker

PoliticsHome has recorded Mr Hague's intervention on Sky News this morning:

"Mr Hague said the row surrounding Commons Speaker Michael Martin was reaching crisis point and should be resolved this week. He said the leaders of the two major parties should not call for his resignation but that, should it come to a vote in the Commons, it should be a free vote."

This is clearly reaching crisis point now. This has to be resolved immediately if the House of Commons is to go about its business and the public to have confidence in it. It must be resolved one way or another this week," he said.  "We would have a free vote on our side, if there was a vote of no confidence," he said."

Removing the Speaker is point three of my five point next step plan set out earlier.  Nick Clegg called for Michael Martin to go earlier today.

Tim Montgomerie


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