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Fox attacks "absurd" ruling that Human Rights Act should apply to war zones

Although I'm a day late with this one (I blame the pace of events) I am glad to note that Dr Liam Fox has condemned yesterday's High Court ruling that the Human Rights Act should apply to British forces in war zones:

“The Government has a moral obligation to minimise the risks to our Armed Forces at all times as part of their duty of care. But it is nonsensical and absurd to try to apply the same legal considerations on the battlefield that exist in non-combat situations. To apply the Human Rights Act in a war zone flies in the face of common sense. Our troops and commanders have enough to worry about on the battlefield without worrying about where the next legal attack will come from.“

Perhaps, however, the best argument against this latest extension of the human rights culture was made in this letter to today's Times:

Picture 72 Tim Montgomerie


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