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How do we stop Britain being represented by BNP MEPs?

In today's Telegraph Charles Moore worries that the BNP could be principal beneficiaries from the expenses scandal:

"For many people in the European and local elections in June, it will seem perfectly logical to vote for the BNP. The old "they're all the same" refrain seems true; therefore people will want to vote for a party that isn't. The main parties talk of combining to "exchange information" to help keep the BNP out. This is crazy: it will only confirm the idea of an intra-party conspiracy, an attempt by politicians to survive by being, collectively, "too big to fail"."

His remarks about the main parties working together may allude to yesterday's FT story: Parties join forces to beat BNP.  My understanding, however, is that the Conservative Party is very anxious to avoid that impression.  Charles Moore is right.  The idea of the main parties - currently discredited in the eyes of many voters - conspiring against the BNP would be a gift to it.

A little while ago I noted that some Tory MPs were mulling a change of strategy towards the BNP.  Pasted below are the results of ConHome's survey of Tory members and their view of the BNP threat and what should be done about it: 

BNPTACTICS I have long believed that the best anti-BNP strategy was to deny them the oxygen of publicity but like the slim plurality of Tory members I no longer think that.  There is a lot of evidence pointing to an BNP breakthrough next month and we need to act before it's too late.  ConHome is working on its own anti-BNP project and that will be launching in the next fortnight.

Tim Montgomerie

1,368 Tory members voted on 22nd and 23rd April.

> Nigel Farage launches UKIP's European Elections campaign with claim that his is the true protest party and only UKIP can therefore stop the BNP making a breakthrough


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