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David Cameron should require all questionable MPs to be readopted or deselected

Inspired by Harry Benson my suggested solution to this problem of ethically questionable but legal behaviour would be to allow Conservative Associations to hold extraordinary meetings to decide whether they want their Honourable Members to remain as their candidates.  The reselection window should be opened immediately after the European Elections and closed by the end of July.  Local members are best placed to decide if MPs' misbehaviour is of sufficient seriousness to merit their deselection.  Some of the process would be messy but it would be fast, democratic and by 'clearing house' could ensure that candidates at the next election have the confidence of the grassroots.  I think we might see a few pre-emptive resignations.

What do people think?

Tim Montgomerie

12.05am postscript: David Cameron should announce the initiative with a powerful statement of his determination to ensure that every voter in the country has the choice of a Conservative candidate who has integrity.


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