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ConHome's Inside David Cameron's Conservatives conference

Colour finished cutaway david ConservativeHome is holding a conference on 30th June entitled Inside David Cameron's Conservatives.  It'll feature contributions from, among others, me, Jonathan Isaby, Michael Gove, George Osborne, Matthew Parris, Rachel Sylvester and Matthew Taylor.

Jonathan and Tom Greeves are currently on much lighter day-to-day duties as they prepare what I hope will be two indispensable guides to the next generation of Conservative MPs and of the 'machine insiders' who work behind-the-scenes at CCHQ and in Parliament.

Full details of the conference can be read here.

A few of you have emailed me - unhappy at the £250 price tag (£100 for charities).  I'm sorry about that but ConHome is a free-to-access website with no advertising.  We need to fund the site somehow and this conference is an important contribution.

I hope to film some key sessions of the Conference and to put the videos on to YouTube.  Sections of the Isaby/ Greeves guides will also appear on ConHome.  I'm sorry it can't be more than that.

Tim Montgomerie


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