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Cameron should move a motion of no confidence in Labour

At the moment there is a danger that politics will be seen as a choice between the established parties (mired in sleazy expense claims) versus protest parties (who pretend they are whiter than white):

ExistingVProtest That's not good news for the Conservatives.  It's vital that we address expenses-gate (I've set out five next steps) but in terms of electoral advantage the most important thing is we frame the next election as a choice between Labour and us:

LabourVConservative I think that was Cameron's intention yesterday with his call for a petition for an immediate General Election but a better device would be a motion of no confidence in the Government (as proposed by Benedict Brogan).  Cameron would undoubtedly out class Brown and over two or three days of high drama (announcement, actual debate, reflection) it would re-focus the public's attention on Labour's failures on the economy, immigration, crime and social justice.  When the Commons returns from yet another break David Cameron should move that motion.

Tim Montgomerie


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