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Cameron: A vote for the Conservatives on 4th June will be a vote for a General Election NOW

Picture 60 Launching the Conservative Party's European Election campaign the Conservative leader repeated the key themes of the MEPs' campaign and then went on to issue three main messages:

1. The need for a General Election now would be the theme of the Tory campaign.  Every Tory activist will ask voters to sign a petition calling for an immediate election.  He said that voters shouldn't let Gordon Brown off the hook by voting for fringe candidates.  You can sign the petition here.

2. He said that Associations had the power to deselect MPs. Deselections could begin with (a) an Association Chairman's initiative, (b) with a petition from fifty local members or 10% of the membership (whatever is the smaller) or (c) with an instruction from the Party Board.  After MPs have come before the independent scrutiny board and had their expenses examined the Party Board may instigate the beginnings of deselection procedures.  Very welcome.

3. UKIP are not worthy of voters' trust, he said. Britain elected 12 UKIP MEPs last time but four of them disappeared some to prison, some to right-wing lunacy. They failed to protect British fishermen. They voted to get rid of the protections for Stilton cheese and Newcastle Brown Ale. The final word should go to Robert Kilroy-Silk, he said.  Mr Kilroy-Silk called UKIP "nutters".

Tim Montgomerie

Download a PDF of the Europe Manifesto.



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