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Boris says Richard Barnbrook should disinvite Nick Griffin or lose his Buckingham Palace garden party invitation

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has issued this public statement regarding the decision of London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook of the BNP to take his party leader to a Buckingham Palace garden party:

"I have learnt today that the London Assembly has passed an invitation to Her Majesty's Garden Party to Richard Barnbrook of the BNP, following previous custom for all Assembly Members to be invited.

It now transpires, however, that Mr Barnbrook plans to bring as his guest the Leader of the BNP, Mr Nick Griffin, or another prominent member of the party, thereby threatening to turn a happy annual event - at which thousands of people across the country are acknowledged for their service to the community - into a political stunt.

We cannot tolerate any such abuse of the invitation or any potential embarrassment to Her Majesty. I am therefore writing to call on you to inform Mr Barnbrook -at the earliest opportunity- that he must either bring a guest who will not provoke political controversy, or consider his invitation rescinded."

On CentreRight yesterday Jonathan Isaby urged The Queen top block Mr Griffin's invitation.  Boris Johnson's intervention should spare her from the embarassment of having to entertain these racists.

Tim Montgomerie


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