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Are we close to a turning point?

6a01156f348983970c01156f348de6970c-250si Steve Tierney has left this intriguing comment on the 'Andrew MacKay to resign' thread:

"Actually, I've begun picking up some sympathy today (finally) while canvassing. Lots of people are still furious and say they wont vote, but more and more of them are seeming like people who wouldn't have voted anyway. For the first time today, several times, I've heard people saying things like "It's all gone too far". And "they can't ALL be bad". And "We need to get on with other issues now." Its too early for me to say if this is a sea change. But having been canvassing almost every day since the scandal broke, this is the first time I've heard something significantly different on the doorstep."

What do others think?

Tim Montgomerie


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