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90% of Tory members want James Gray MP to quit

90% of Tory members polled by ConHome want James Gray MP to step down as a Tory MP.  Last week's News of the World accused Mr Gray of claiming for poppy wreaths - an accusation denied by the Wiltshire MP.

Douglas Hogg MP also appears near the top of the league table for Tory MPs that the grassroots would like out.

The responses in the table below are a response to the question, Knowing what you know now, do you think the following should continue as Conservative MPs?

DeselectionLeague I understand that there are a number of MPs who are reluctant to repay money but are likely to be asked to do so by David Cameron's scrutiny committee.  They will be expelled if they refuse to co-operate with the Committee and one source tells me that the Conservative leader is itching to take strong action against those who have yet to understand the depth of public anger.

The same source is suggesting that seven or eight extra MPs may step down.  Expect announcements in June.  Good news for candidates.

Tim Montgomerie


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