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The city of Washington, DC, is surrounded by a "Beltway" of expressways. The term "Beltway opinion" has come to mean opinion in the insular capital, isolated from the rest of the country, opinion heavily influence by the local newspaper (the hopelessly Liberal Washington Post) and by pundits looking for a headline. The above article is classic "Beltway" speak. In the real America, the 99% of America outside the Beltway, Republicans are (according to the latest polls) poised to take back the governorship of Virginia, and are close to an upset in the governor's race in heavily Democrat New Jersey. The Tory Party would kill to have such a "crackup".


True, but there is real anger over the issues above among the rank and file. Out here in the sticks, I do think that people are not entirely pleased with Republican leadership, and with Bush. With elections running as close as they are lately, I think that Bush would be wise to take action to shore up support particularly among fiscal conservatives and those concerned about immigration.

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