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Mark Field MP to chair ConservativeHome Accountability Board with Lord Bates and Jill Kirby

By Tim Montgomerie

On financial and strategic issues ConservativeHome is accountable to Political Investments Limited, a company jointly owned by Michael Ashcroft and Stephan Shakespeare but we are setting up an Accountability Board that will oversee any significant complaints about ConservativeHome's treatment of individuals or subjects and will offer informed advice on editorial policy.

If any person feels that they have been treated unfairly by ConservativeHome's Editors and have not received satisfactory redress from those Editors they will be able to ask the Board to investigate the issue and the Board has the authority to require an apology from the Editors or publication of an appropriate clarification.

The Board will meet occasionally with the Editors to discuss the direction of ConservativeHome. Although the Editors will remain in sole charge of editorial decisions the Board will offer ideas on how the site might develop.

The Board will be chaired by Mark Field MP. Mark and the Board's other two members, Michael Bates and Jill Kirby, have been frequent contributors to the site.


  • Mark Field is MP for Cities of London and Westminster.
  • Michael Bates is Lord Bates of Langbaurgh.
  • Jill Kirby is Director of the Centre for Policy Studies.


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