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Lord Flight: David Cameron should govern with Conservative convictions on behalf of the silent majority

Flight HowardLord Flight is a former Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury who is now chairman of Flight & Partners Recovery Fund.

I loved the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. How fortunate we are to have a constitutional monarchy as a focal point of loyalty (imagine if we had had President Brown!); and even more fortunate to have had such a great and conscious lady as our Queen for most of my lifetime. But what the participation of millions in the celebrations also demonstrated, which I have always believed to be the case, is that the great majority of British citizens, of all backgrounds, are thoroughly decent, loyal and sensible citizens – the silent majority.

It was wonderful to hear people singing enthusiastically, and not just the National Anthem but Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia, which our politically correct Masters have deemed “bad form” – even at the Proms. It was wonderful to hear support for our Commonwealth friends: and not a word about the EU. After the dictatorship of the pink Establishment and the BBC for so many years, it was wonderful to see how little impact their agenda has had on people. And at last, even the BBC’s presentation for the Diamond Jubilee was patriotic.

I am not arguing for a reactionary agenda but for solid common sense and traditional British values. Even the concept of “duty”, with which I was brought up by my parents, now seems to be coming back into fashion – it makes life so much more civilised for everybody. And it is what the Queen, above all things, personifies and why she is so greatly loved and admired by British citizens.

I just hope that the Prime Minister will get the message. I have always thought he was a decent person with essentially good values, but has allowed himself to be buffeted by the wet Establishment and his Liberal partners. The message of national support was clear when he vetoed the foolish EU Internal Devaluation measures to grind the economies of Southern Europe into the dirt – albeit that I doubt most people knew what it was all about! What they were pleased to see was a British Prime Minister saying No to the EU. It is clear that British citizens would now like another referendum on EU membership; and that if the Prime Minister gives a lead to the silent majority, and governs in accordance with his Conservative instincts and convictions; there is a huge following out there, even in such difficult times.

There is a great deal to get right in this country and a great deal of politically correct clutter to get rid of.


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