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The Alternative Queen's Speech 7: Anti-Congestion Bill

TAQSThis is the seventh of fifteen draft Bills in an Alternative Queen's Speech that sets out what a legislative programme might have looked like if a majority Conservative government had been elected. Read more about the initiative here.

Local government as highways authorities should be required to make reducing road congestion a requirement of their highways strategy. Councils should be expected to review their junctions, signal timings, lane markings, bollards and crossings with a view to promoting safety and smoother flowing traffic. Indeed, the two aims often need the same solution. Better segregation of pedestrians from vehicles, segregation of right turning traffic at junctions, priority to the main route with the predominant traffic flows, traffic sensor controls for minor roads at a junction all help reduce congestion, and reduce driver frustration and fatigue which can cause accidents. A congestion busting fund should be made available for Councils to bid for capital for congestion reducing road improvements.


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