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The Alternative Queen's Speech 5: Fairness to UK Taxpayers' Bill

TAQSThis is the fifth of fifteen draft Bills in an Alternative Queen's Speech that sets out what a legislative programme might have looked like if a majority Conservative government had been elected. Read more about the initiative here.

The UK welcomes people as visitors and is keen to attract talent, capital and tourists to the UK. There is, however, a growing feeling in the UK that some visitors undercut UK businesses unfairly or fail to pay for services provided here that UK citizens would have to pay for in  another country.

The UK should legislate on the topic of foreign lorries. Many foreign trucking firms not only travel free of any road tax, making no contribution for the wear and tear they place on our roads, but also often buy their fuel on the continent to avoid UK fuel duties as well. UK transport businesses fell this is unfair competition. The government should introduce a road charge  for temporary use on UK roads at the port of entry for each foreign truck, so they make a fair contribution to the upkeep of our highways.

The UK offers free health care to all who are temporarily based in the UK. It is a sign of civilised society that if someone is in an accident or needs emergency care we offer it without demanding a credit card first. However, the system is designed to charge visitors who need health care when in the UK, but this is often not observed or followed up. NHS Trusts should be reminded of their duties through a new legal requirement that they do require payment for treatments, and visitors to the UK should be reminded of the need for insurance or other means of payment, as you need if visiting the USA for example.            

The UK offers free admission to many impressive visitor attractions like the leading museums. Arrangements should be made for foreign visitors to pay an entry charge.


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