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Polling project alert from Lord Ashcroft --- Ethnic Minority Voters And The Conservative Party

AshcroftBy Lord Ashcroft, KCMG.

David Cameron and Sayeeda Warsi have launched a new drive to attract ethnic minority voters. As they recognise, in 2010, only 16% of ethnic minority voters supported the Tories, and this problem is costing the party seats.

Though the gulf between the Conservative Party and ethnic minorities is a well-known feature of British politics, it is little understood.

My latest major research project sheds new light on the problem. Months of research among voters from black Caribbean, black African, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh backgrounds - including a unique 10,000-sample poll - helps to explain why, despite efforts to reach out, the Tories have found it so hard to expand their support among ethnic and religious minorities. It also suggests that simply restating core Conservative values like hard work, reported to be central to the party's new campaign, risks missing the mark.

My report, Degrees of Separation: Ethnic Minority Voters And The Conservative Party, will be published on Sunday. Full details of the research - together with all my published polling and commentary - will be available on my new website then.


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