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Alex Deane: How to mark Commonwealth Day

Queen-ElizabethToday is Commonwealth Day - when we mark the significance of our tremendous family of nations. The Queen has spoken of the importance of Commonwealth citizenship. I have two humble suggestions as to how this might be improved:

  • We should have a Commonwealth queue at airports instead of an EU queue. (I declare an interest: this would benefit my wife, who is Australian.)
  • Commonwealth countries should allow citizens from other Commonwealth countries to vote in their elections. Some currently do, but not all. (I declare a debt: I stole this idea from Oliver Cooper.)

That's just for starters - you'll have your own ideas, and I'd love to hear them. (Some people will inevitably argue that either or both of the ones I've suggested have complex legal backgrounds: but let's consider the principle before the practical problems.)

In any case, wherever you are, I wish you a very happy Commonwealth Day.


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