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Two Conservative MPs will be speaking at the Rally Against Debt this Saturday

The Rally Against Debt this Saturday promises to be a really great event.  Hundreds of people have signed up to come along on Facebook (please do so here if you can make it) and hopefully others will join us on the day.  It is being held at Old Palace Yard just opposite the Houses of Parliament.  There are more details on the TaxPayers' Alliance website.

What I thought might interest ConservativeHome readers is that two Conservative MPs will be speaking.  Bill Cash and Priti Patel.  One of our key objectives is to bolster opposition to disastrous (see Andrew Lilico on this site) and illegal (see Martin Callanan, again on this site) eurozone bailouts.  Who better to help do that than a seasoned eurosceptic veteran, and Chair of the European Scrutiny Select Committee: Bill Cash.  And one of the stars in the new Commons intake in 2010: Priti Patel.

Radplacards Of course, it isn't just a Conservative event.  There will be plenty of speakers representing no party like documentary maker Martin Durkin, IEA Director General Mark Littlewood and blogger Guido Fawkes.  And UKIP leader Nigel Farage.  There is also going to be a visit from the TPA's massive, lorry-mounted debt clock that toured the country ahead of the last election.

I hope that, fair weather or foul, we'll see plenty of ConservativeHome readers on Saturday.  We set out why it is so important in a briefing note recently.  The scale of the long term fiscal crisis means spending cuts are essential and need to be part of a long term adjustment, taking the state back to a scale that the economy can bear.  We can't just sit back under the illusion that this is a problem which has been dealt with.  We can't abandon the public square to special interests.  And we can't accept hard work in Britain being wasted as our money is squandered by wasteful EU institutions, and in attempts to avoid a reckoning for the disastrous mistake of joining the euro.


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