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Paul Goodman: April Fool round-up to date

by Paul Goodman

Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 12.08.42
I list below just a few April Fools from this morning's media.  That's to say, I list what appear to be April Fools: one can never be quite sure, and he first day of this month is always an agonising one for editorial judgements.   So I apologise, for example, to Iain Dale in the event of his essay on "Roxette and the philosophy of the Joyride" appearing soon on his revived blog.

Anyway, I count in to date -

  • The Daily Telegraph's scoop in getting hold of Labour's secret plans for Miliband wedding street parties, complete with Tesco-arranged "Ed and Justine bunting" and Asda's talks with the Labour Party about manufacturing "Mini Mili Trifles" – an attempt to outdo Waitrose's Royal Trifle".
  • Inside Housing's revelation that Grant Shapps is to release a charity CD with the Clash (see picture above).  Sources close to the Housing Minister claim that only bit of the piece that's true is that Mick Jones is his cousin.

And, finally - at least for the time being - there's this.  That's to say, I presume it's an April Fool.  But with the Mayor of London, one can never be quite sure.

Oh, and a footnote.  There's confusion among a very, very small minority of readers about the seriousness of our report this morning on Steve Hilton's latest plans.  Let's just say that the first ToryDiary draft of the morning bore the headline: "Ultimate modernisation move: David Davis 'considering sex change' ".


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