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Robert-John Tasker: The hypocrisy of the international anti-war coalition

Picture 8 Robert-John Tasker is a councillor in the London Borough of Kingston.

Whilst the Prime Minister David Cameron has secured a resounding success in persuading Arab governments to support intervention in Libya, the anti-war coalition has – unsurprisingly – been busy voicing its support for murderous dictatorship.

A large gang of them congregated outside Downing Street in Whitehall last Thursday evening and handed out spurious and demagogic leaflets whilst waffling on about western imperialism. Meanwhile, the people of Bhengazi were fighting tooth and nail to stave off blood-thirsty state terrorists.

You see, the anti-war coalition can’t help themselves. They lied constantly during the intervention in Iraq. They told us British and American soldiers were running for the Jordanian border with barrels of oil shoved up their sweatshirts when it turned out Iraq’s first oil deal was with China. They told us there were no terrorists in Iraq when we now know Al Zarqawi was in Iraq to murder the leadership of the Kurdish Union. We know PLO terrorists who murdered Leon Kleinhoffer, the wheel-chair bound American Jew, were travelling on Iraqi diplomatic passports. We know Ramzay Yusuf, the man who mixed the chemicals for the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings, was given diplomatic immunity by the Iraqi Baath Party. They have lied constantly about the civilian death toll in Iraq. Most deaths were caused by Sunni insurgency groups and Al-Qaeda. Not British or Americans soldiers.

The coalition is a cross-section of fruitcakes, loonies and closet masochists, mostly. Among the ranks are anti-Jewish racists, Hamas sympathisers, Stalinists, Leninists and Anarchist-class warriors. Many of them harbour sick fantasies relating to the death of Mrs Thatcher and a large number have criminal convictions for carrying out violent acts during supposed demonstrations.

The majority of this rabble resides in Washington DC and London. A hardcore, aggressive and militant pack who are so entrenched in their search for twighlight revolution that many of their views are akin to that of the despots they effectively support. Twenty of their gang from Europe and the United States enthusiastically travelled to Iraq to volunteer as ‘human shields’ in 2003 to protect Saddam Hussein by positioning themselves infront of key strategic bombing targets. The head of the coalition has offered to testify at The Hague on behalf of the leadership of the Rwandan Tutsis who massacred their Hutu neighbours in 1994.

But it doesn’t stop there; senior members and directors of the anti-war coalition you’d think were pacifists. Not so. They have links and regularly visit senior officials in a host of nasty and vile political parties stretching from the fascistic Serbian Socialist Party to the slobbering and murderous Syrian Baath Party, whilst supporting suicide murder against Israeli civilians. Many members of the anti-war coalition were against the expulsion of Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in 1991 and it is known that its activists regularly travel to share platforms with gloating dictators.

So, if you’re wandering through any town centre or down Whitehall on any given evening, don’t be surprised if a gang of moral crusaders backed up by outdated and defeated ideology stop you and tell you how awful it is that we’ve intervened in Libya. Or, you could do what I did on Thursday evening and point out some of the above. They don’t seem so keen to tell you about how wonderful Marxist ideology is once you point out their spurious and questionable links to the world’s most fanatical and lunatic fascists.


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