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Howard Flight: A budget that was much as expected

The Budget was much as expected.

The cut in corporation tax was better than scheduled. The increase in EIS income tax relief to 30%, the doubling of what an investor can invest and 400% increase on what can be invested in an EIS
Qualifying company are all welcome but it is crucial the government does not make these improvements await and depend on prior EU approval - they are needed in the new tax year.

The increase in Entrepreneurs Relief to £10m is also welcome and will contribute to restoring enterprise.
The return of Index linked savings certificates linked to the RPI will bring back a very useful savings vehicle for people

I have grave reservations as regards the proposed merging of National Insurance  and income tax
It has an intellectual attraction in principle but in practice would be a costly nightmare to achieve and "not worth the candle".  I am also concerned the 'Green Bank' may prove a mistaken waste of taxpayers' money.


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