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Charlie Elphicke: The Budget cannot be too pro-business

Charlie Elphicke Charlie Elphicke is MP for Dover.

The Budget cannot be too pro-business, pro-jobs or pro-money, given the total mess Labour made of our economy. The Chancellor did the really difficult stuff in the Emergency Budget last year. Deficit reduction is the cornerstone of recovery.

What’s needed in the Growth Budget? Cut corporation tax to 19% by the end of the Parliament. Make the UK the best place for corporate headquarters in Europe. Reform the London equity markets to make the UK the best place to have a share listing.

Smaller business investment would be helped by the expansion of the business growth fund.  Reform of smaller business tax incentives would help entrepreneurs grow their enterprises faster. Smaller businesses need more help to boost exports.

Regulatory reforms can tear down the barriers to growth.  Helping to create new businesses, Enterprise Zones and employment law reform would all encourage jobs and growth.

There is so much to do to turn around Labour’s mess. We did it before and we can do it again. We can build the growth economy and make Britain successful once more.


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