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Radio 4 Analysis tonight - Radical Economics: Yo Hayek!

My colleague Jamie Whyte – author of Bad Thoughts: A Guide to Clear Thinking and Head of Research and Publishing at Oliver Wyman – has created a Radio 4 Analysis documentary on the Austrian School of economics: Yo Hayek! I gave an interview.

The title is inspired by EconStories rap anthem Fear the Boom and Bust:

It's my view that a new orthodoxy is emerging in economics, one which is based much more closely on the human condition and the realities of social cooperation among individuals in society. Examples of the new orthodoxy include Jesse Norman MP's Compassionate Economics and The Big Society, plus work from academics like Roger Köppl, author of Big Players and the Economic Theory of Expectations, and Mark Pennington, Robust Political Economy.

Central to the new orthodoxy is a systematic treatment of human action: that has long been available in the work of the Austrian School. I am delighted Radio 4 have made this programme: the public conversation is moving on.

The programme will be transmitted tonight at 8.30 pm on Radio 4. More details are available here


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