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Stephen Parkinson: Ten ways to help NO2AV in the next hundred days

Picture 3 Stephen Parkinson is the National Organiser (Conservatives) for the cross-party NO to AV campaign.

It's 100 days today until 5th May - still (with one eye on the House of Lords) the likely date of the referendum on whether we should ditch our current voting system and replace it with the Alternative Vote.

With this landmark in mind, here are ten easy ways Conservatives can help the cross-party NO to AV campaign right away.

1. If you're not already getting them, sign up for our weekly emails at

2. Send us a photo and tell us why you're voting 'No' in 140 characters or fewer at

3. If you're on Facebook, please show your support by joining the campaign here.

4. If you're on Twitter, follow us @no2av and help us by retweeting what we have to say or adding a Twibbon.

5. Add a link to our website from your own site or blog (or from your Association website) by using the web badges at

6. Make use of the template leaflets sent out as part of the CCHQ 'NO to AV' campaign pack. They're available on the Party's Activist Centre, on the Conservative Councillors' Association website - or by emailing me if you don't have access to these.

7. Make sure your Association is ordering some of our first leaflet. We're making 1,000 available to every Association for free so you have some for street stalls etc. Alternatively, you can increase that to 10,000 for just £100 (including delivery). All you need to do is send your preferred delivery address and contact number to me by email or to our network of volunteer NO to AV co-ordinators who are getting in touch with Associations at the moment.

8. Make a donation to the campaign online. Unlike the Yes campaign, who can rely on the war chests of the Electoral Reform Society and Joseph Rowntree, we have had to raise funds from a standing start to fight this referendum. Any sum you can spare will help us close that gap and mount the best possible campaign.

9. Let us know what the Yes campaign and the Lib Dems are up to in your area - you can send copies of any local leaflets you receive to NO to AV, 3 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SP.

10. Spread the word! Make sure your fellow campaigners and activists know what they can do to help - and don't forget your non-Conservative friends: it's right that a referendum on an issue as important as this should rise above party politics, and there are plenty of ways for people to help us secure a 'No' vote whatever their political affiliation.


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