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Melanchthon's misleading attack on the TPA

I missed this over the holiday, but I think it's important to set the record straight.  The anonymous blogger (though I have an idea who it is) says that the TaxPayers' Alliance "foolishly allowed" ourselves "to be dragged in" to a Mail on Sunday story about prominent politicians taking expensive trips to the Caribbean or Klosters.  He then quotes us saying that it was "highly insensitive" for George Osborne and Zac Goldsmith to take lavish holidays while ordinary families are feeling huge pressure on their budgets.

You don't exactly pay by the word when writing a blog, so he could have included the entire comment John O'Connell gave, instead of using only two words to set up a straw man.  Here is the entire quote:

‘With hikes in VAT and fuel duty, it won’t be a very happy New Year for many taxpayers, so some will see this as highly insensitive given their own circumstances.

‘The new taxes that politicians are putting in place will make it that bit harder for ordinary families to enjoy little luxuries and holidays.’

The point here isn't just that rich politicians are enjoying luxuries.  It's that they are enjoying them while putting in place, or actively supporting, measures that would make it harder for ordinary people to enjoy their own humble luxuries.  I think a lot of people would see that as highly insensitive, as rubbing salt in the wounds.


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