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Donal Blaney: Britain's roads are snow joke anymore

Donal Blaney is the Chief Executive of the Young Britons’ Foundation.

SnowEmergencyHere’s a solution to the chaos on the country’s roads today that ought not to be beyond the wit of even the most inept local authority.

Why not introduce the system they have in the United States whereby that when a snow emergency is declared, vehicles are prohibited from being parked on main roads? Those vehicles that remain unlawfully parked are then ticketed and towed into a neighbouring street.

On one level it can be a nuisance for the vehicle owner. I know. I have had cars towed in Washington on more than one occasion. It is expensive too. But rather than being towed to an out-of-city pound, the City Council tows cars a block or two away.

If this solution were introduced in Britain, without the customary wasting of years debating it, key roads would be kept free of parked or abandoned vehicles and the arteries of our counties’ transport systems will remain as unblocked as possible. As well as ending the chaotic inconvenience of the past few days, it will also keep the economy moving. Has anyone even attempted to calculate the cost and damage to the economy of delayed journeys yet?


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