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Nadine Dorries MP: I hope George Osborne will pledge to cut personal taxation

Dorries_nadine A script for a film prepared by Nadine Dorries MP for the Daily Politics; broadcasting at 11.30am today.

They say there are two things in this life that you can guarantee: death and taxes. But I think there’s a third and that is that following a sustained period of a Labour Government the country will always find itself in an economic mess.

Thank you Gordon Brown.

And the pain is being felt by every British mother.

When she hears on the radio that fuel and food prices have increased at an alarming rate, she is the least surprised.

She's been feeling the pain for months and was wondering when someone was going to notice. Right now in supermarkets all across the country Mums are putting back onto the shelves treats they would have bought for their children's lunch boxes just a few short months ago. And that hurts.

Naturally, every parent wants to do the very best that they can for their children and not being able to afford to do the things you so want to do for those you love the most, hurts in a way that feels like a dull ache in the pit of every parent's stomach. Where families are taxed at the rate they have been by Gordon Brown they will turn to credit cards or to borrowing against their homes.

With house prices tumbling, and redundancies taking place across the country right now, parents are going to bed worried if they will be able to meet their promises or even be able to fulfil their children's dreams.

We need to give families hope. We need to let them know that the Conservative party is the party of small state and big, big people.

I hope that George Osborne will pledge to cut personal taxation. A little first, let the economy grow, then a little bit more. After all, this is the Conservative approach and it’s the right one.

I also hope that he will pledge to cut business tax in order to stimulate and energise entrepreneurs. So come on George, let's give people what they need: a stimulating, liberating, tax-cutting agenda. Let's make it part of our manifesto promise to the people. After all, it worked the last time Labour got us into an economic mess. It can work again.


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