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Havard Hughes: Cameron's Conservative Party is the home of liberty

Havard Hughes was a member of the Liberal Democrats for sixteen years, having been Cambridge Student Liberal Democrat Chairman, London Policy Chair and a London Borough Councillor. He explains here why he chose to join the Conservatives this summer and why many other Liberal Democrats are thinking of following his example.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an instinctive liberal.  I believe in free markets, freedom of the individual from oppression and in empowering people to help themselves not lumbering them with one size fits all solutions.

For me, meritocracy, opportunity and empowerment are key to a healthy, vibrant economy and an open democratic society.  This means citizens should be empowered to take decisions over their own lives and communities and not have those decisions taken for them by an over-mighty bureaucracy.  Like many who once supported the Liberal Democrats, I became increasingly inspired by the way that David Cameron’s modern Conservatives addressed civil liberties issues and have sought to find long-term solutions to the UK’s problems.

After a long and carefully thought out decision, I came to the conclusion that my natural political home was Cameron’s Conservatives.

The modern Conservative party inspires me with an enthusiasm for politics because it addresses the issues which concern me, such as the environment, in a practical, technological and economically responsible way.  Conservatives are seeking new, forward looking solutions to issues of social justice, global poverty and the provision of pubic services.

Unlike other parties, Conservatives are genuinely committed to defending civil liberties and fighting for a radical improvement in the delivery of public services.  This is because we are alone in being prepared to stand up to new Labour bureaucracy and European bureaucracy alike.

I am proud to be part of a dynamic modern party, which is not afraid to engage with Britain and the modern world as it is.  David Cameron has impressed me with the way he seeking socially responsible policies that seek to address the underlying causes of crime and poor educational achievement.

Many UK citizens feel increasingly disenfranchised, they are finding freedoms which have been taken for granted for centuries curtailed by the ever-growing New Labour state, be it through the increasingly complex tax system or Brussels inspired legislation.  They are increasingly looking to the Conservatives to give them back their country by increasing democratic accountability and finding new ways to tackle the problems of the 21st Century.


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