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Michael Ediae-Ehioze: Someone else is to blame

Ediae Michael is an occasional contributor to ConservativeHome.  He is currently studying law.

The statement made by the U.N’s special rapporteur, John Dugard described Gaza as a prison where the Israelis hold the keys. According to him, the ‘Palestinian people are punished for having democratically elected a regime unacceptable to Israel, the U.S. and the EU".

Last week, the Pope was criticised for making comments which would offend Islam and cause violence. Further, a new intelligence leak has blamed US led war on terror for the rise of Islamism.

There seems to be a familiar theme which runs though these arguments. It is never their fault, someone else is to blame.

I have repeated this on this site before that, every country has the right to democratically elect its leader. However, it does not give that country the right to have friendly relations with other countries. For example, If Britain elected a BNP government, it would be absurd for the British Government to demand friendship from African countries. Thus, whilst the Palestinians have a right to elect their leaders, they cannot expect to receive aid from countries their government despises.

Secondly, the pope is a Christian leader. The idea of being a Christian leader is that you intend to spread the Christian message to all the corners of the globe. Thus, even if it were the case that he claimed Christianity was superior to Islam, that should not be a surprise. Indeed it would be a surprise if he claimed that Christianity was equal to Islam. I would ask, why then are you Christian?  The truth is, most religions believe they have a superior revelation and they are not ashamed to say it. Why should Christianity be the exception?

Finally, we now have the story that Bush is responsible for the creation of terrorism. I am puzzled as to why a man would knowingly plant a bomb in a mosque or market place killing men women and children. The strange thing is that people in Iraq consider these acts barbaric but for some strange reason, we in the West are quick to condemn Bush as the perpetrator while the actual criminal is a victim with no hope.

The World has a decision to make, it is either we come out openly and declare that Muslims are of inferior intellect to others and thus they should be treated as such or, we should hold everyone regardless of religion to the same standard of behaviour.

I urge the Left to stand up against undemocratic behaviour even when it is directed against their rivals on the Right. For they should note that some day, these undemocratic forces will attack them.


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