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Steve Delahunty: On your Vespa, Dave

VespasSteve Delahunty of Radiant Energy suggests that the Conservative leader adopts a new way of getting to work...

"Dear Dave,

I would like to recommend that you look at the Vespa as a new form of transportation to travel to the House of Parliament.  I say this after great thought and witnessing the press reports about a second vehicle following you en-route whilst cycling to work.  The benefits of using a Vespa would be a trouble-free, low carbon solution and provide you with a clean and fresh appearance at the Houses of Parliament for the day's proceedings.  Not only would it appeal to the younger audience (who can't but adore a stylish Vespa?) but also to any budding "Jamie Oliver" (you only have to view the TV to notice how vogue cooking is these days).

It would appeal across the spectrum, from the "MODS" to the irreverent Sir Stirling Moss and to the outspoken Chef Jamie Oliver.  Furthermore, I believe that this will show a PM, who takes criticism in a constructive fashion (nobody is perfect), and identifies a solution to the criticism hailed at him by "the Press" about his cycling and being chaperoned by a waiting vehicle.  This would demonstrate to the public that David Cameron is "thinking man's" man, wanting to improve and better himself and prove his critics misguided. Also a man who takes criticism, and subsequently looks for a solution/ answer to his critics and to the ambiguity/ ambiguities raised.  Thus, adjusting one's behaviour so that it is in harmony with public perception.

Vgpx8125_1z As an entrepreneur in environmental awareness, one must look at how one can make changes that do not ultimately look like a reversal in life's expectations or standard of living.  With this thought I believe that a specially designed Vespa would be a suitable compromise to the critics, but also an advantage for the future.  Having a specially designed Vespa to cope with with the day-to-day life of parliamentary procedure (holding the day's portfolio, etc), I believe that such an exercise will enable David Cameron to arrive at the House of Commons "fresh-faced" and not impacting on London's traffic problems and with reduced carbon emissions, and also keeping in touch with the working man (if such an animal exists these days).

One can only imagine the statement David Cameron would be making to the people riding on a Vespa, with it's style and sophistication and to the Europeans (especially the Italians).  A PM on a Vespa?  Imagine if it were the Pope?

I say this for the practicalities, if Jamie Oliver and Sir Stirling Moss can ride a Vespa with elegance and style, then surely in the 21st Century, a future PM should also lead by example and ride a bespoke Vespa model designed for the rigours of parliament and London traffic congestion.  Doing it with "Peace of Mind" in relation to the environment, but also as an example to us all, both young and old, and to all of the class spectrum.

My only misgiving is that the Vespa is not British!!

Kind Regards

Steve Delahunty"


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