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Donal Blaney: The Laws of the Public Policy Process

Each week the co-founder and Chief Executive of the Young Britons' Foundation, Donal Blaney, will be sharing some of Morton Blackwell's Laws of the Public Policy Process. Morton Blackwell is the founder of the Leadership Institute, an organisation founded in 1979 whose mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of conservative public policy leaders.

Emergingmovement_4_2Winning the next general election requires the creation of a thriving conservative movement, independent of the Conservative Party but working in the interests of the election of a Conservative government. Strong conservative movements in the United States, Australia and Canada helped proposal our conservative cousins to power. A key component in the US conservative movement is the Leadership Institute. It identifies, recruits, trains and places conservatives in the public policy process. It produces leaders for a new generation of public policy leadership unwavering in its commitment to free enterprise, limited government and traditional values and equipped with the practical skills to implement sound philosophy through effective public policy.

Over the past twenty-seven years, the Institute has trained more than 40,000 of America's brightest young men and women for effective leadership in the public policy process. Graduates of its schools include Karl Rove, Senator Mitch McConnell, Governor Jim Gilmore and, closer to home, John Bercow and Julian Lewis.

The Leadership Institute offers 18 educational programs, an intern program, an Employment Placement Service and a Broadcast Journalism Placement Service to train young conservatives and then place them in public policy positions. It focuses on bright conservatives, on and off campus, who attend the seminars and workshops and participate in the Institute's programs.

President Ronald Reagan commended the Leadership Institute as "paving the way for a new generation of conservative leadership."

The Result: new generations of conservative leaders that will fight and win for conservative values in the public policy arena.

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Read Donal's first law of political success - Political technology determines political success.

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