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Two more unbeaten games for the Bluebirds

AFC Bluebirds is a five-a-side team made up of players from across Westminster. The team are proudly sponsored by Conservative Home. Follow them on Twitter. This match report is written by Joe Cawley.

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 18.42.44Lining up for the first game of the night, the ConHome-sponsored Bluebirds team was in good spirits. Without their enigmatic Captain for another evening, an unusual, calm composure settled over the team confident in their ability. This confidence did not prove to be without merit; as soon a Bluebirds ran out on to the pitch, their game was all flowing football, quick passing and darting runs. The first half saw Nick Pickles step up to the plate, putting away two sharp goals after consummate passing play from the back. For all their superiority in the first half, Bluebirds struggled to find the net and only went in 3-1 up at the break.

After a quick half time pep talk led by Kevin Evans, Bluebirds started the second half like the first, dominating possession and keeping the ball squarely in the opposition’s half. The striking boots had clearly been put on in the half time break, and goals started to fly in. The opposition keeper must have had some sympathy with Chris Bryant on Monday evening. It was hard to keep track of Bluebirds all-out-assault, but Nick Pickles, Jimmy McLoughlin and Kevin Evans secured hat tricks, with every member of the team slotting at least one. The game’s final score was hard to tally, at a guess 15:3*.

It is with this performance that Bluebirds stepped up to the second game. Aware of last week, where a first game victory had led to a second game in which defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory, Bluebirds came out with resolve. Once again, the passing and the movement was strong and purposeful, but there was no doubting that this team was stronger than the first. Bluebirds momentum was also hindered by what can only be described as a deeply angry and misguided referee, making decisions that would dog Bluebirds' performance throughout the match. Even with these hurdles to overcome, Bluebirds went in 5-3 up thanks to solid play at the back from Chris Rees and Jack Withrington, midfield magic from Kevin ‘Hazard’ Evans, Adam ‘Mata’ Brown and Luke ‘Oscar’ Webster and the continued fire power of Jimmy ‘dreadnaught’ McLoughlin.

Bluebirds started the second half as they meant to go on, scoring quickly from the restart and putting so distance between themselves and the opposition. However, the old curse reasserted itself, and the opposition started to come back. Working on a strategy of passing to their strong and quick centre forward, the opposition knocked in a couple of quick goals. With the talent of their striker, it was only the work rate and determination of Chris Rees at the back that kept more from being put away. With the game now squared at 6-6, the referee took the view that if several wrongs do not make a right, then maybe an absolute howler would.

For what was definitely a foul, but foul of no particular note, the referee suddenly decided he was working in the prem and sent Jimmy off for being the last man. With indignation running high Bluebirds battled on with four men. So incensed were Bluebirds with this affront to the spirit and rules of the game, that whilst down numerically, Bluebirds pulled ahead to 7-6. What followed was a tense five minutes of play with the opposition scoring, only for Kevin Evans to put a blinder away. With only seconds left the opposition powered down the pitch and scored with the last kick of the game. With the final score at 8-8*, Bluebirds are moving in the right direction.

*Actual scores

Bluebird 7 : 7 RPFC
Twobirds 12 : 2 Unathletico Archway


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