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Selection results published for European election regional lists

By Mark Wallace
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Today the results of the selection ballots for next year's European elections are announced, and candidates learn if they made the list and if so in which position. Our congratulations to those who have succeeded and commiserations to those who did not do as well as they had hoped.

We've been updating the results during the afternoon, and now can confirm that this is the full list:

East of England

1. Vicky Ford MEP

2. Geoffrey Van Orden MEP

3. David Campbell Bannerman MEP

4. John Flack

5. Cllr Tom Hunt

6. Margaret Simons

7. Jonathan Collett

It's interesting to note that while the regional selectoral college denied David Campbell Bannerman the privileged position of a sitting MEP, leaving him to compete with the wider list for his position, he still secured 3rd place - topping the members' ballot. It seems that while local party officials disliked the fact he had defected from UKIP it did him no harm among the membership.

South West

1. Ashley Fox MEP

2. Julie Girling MEP

3. James Cracknell

4. Georgina Butler

5. Sophia Swire

6. Melissa Maynard


1. Syed Kamall MEP

2. Charles Tannock MEP

3. Marina Yannakoudakis MEP

4. Caroline Attfield

5. Lynne Hack

6. Sheila Lawlor

7. Glyn Chambers

8. Annesley Abercorn

South East 

1. Daniel Hannan MEP

2. Nirj Deva MEP

3. RIchard Ashworth MEP

4. Marta Andreasen MEP

5. RIchard Robinson

6. Graham Knight

7. Julie Marson

8. George Jeffrey

9. Rory Love

10. Adrian Pepper

As with the East of England, the two MEPs who were stripped of their privileges by the selectoral college - Richard Ashworth and Marta Andreasen - have nonetheless topped the general list, coming in at 3 and 4 on the list respectively.

North West

1. Jacqueline Foster MEP 

2. Sajjad Karim MEP 

3. Kevin Beaty 

4. Deborah Dunleavy 

5. Joe Barker 

6. Daniel Hamilton 

7. Chris Whiteside 

8. James Walsh

North East

1. Martin Callanan MEP

2. Cllr Ben Houchen

3. Andrew Lee

East Midlands

1. Emma McClarkin MEP

2. Andrew Lewer

3. Rupert Matthews

4. Stephen Castens

5. Brendan Clarke-Smith


1. Dr Kay Swinburne MEP

2. Aled Davies

3. Dr Dan Boucher

4. Richard Hopkin

West Midlands

1. Philip Bradbourne MEP

2. Anthea McIntyre MEP

3. Daniel Dalton

4. Michael Burnett

5. Sibby Buckle

6. David Price

7. Dan Sames

Yorkshire and the Humber

1. Timothy Kirkhope MEP

2. Alex Story

3. John Procter

4. Carolyn Abbott

5. Michael Naughton

6. [To be confirmed]

It is unclear why Number 6 on the Yorkshire list is unfilled - this may be because CCHQ are awaiting confirmation from a candidate that they are willing to accept the position. Certainly in the past some candidates have stepped aside when they have been ranked low down the list, but we do not yet know if this is the case.

Finally we have the Scottish list, which was decided some weeks ago:


1. Ian Duncan

2. Belinda Don

3. Nosheena Mobarik

4. Jamie Gardiner

5. Iain McGill

6. Stuart McIntyre

And there we have it, bar the sixth spot in Yorkshire - the full line-up of those who will be standing in next year's European elections.


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