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MEP shortlists for the North West and London

By Mark Wallace
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Following Scotland's selections last week, the North West and London have now carried out the first stage of selecting candidates for next year's European elections.

Readers may need a reminder of the slightly obscure process: first the regional electoral college choose the shortlist. If sitting MEPs are reapproved at this stage then they automatically go to the top of the list.

After that, the party members in the region rank the remaining candidates in order by postal vote. 

These are therefore the unranked shortlists, and are presented in alphabetical order by surname.

London MEP Shortlist

All three sitting MEPs were reselected. They are:

  • Syed Kamall
  • Charles Tannock
  • Marina Yannakoudakis.

Seven further candidates were selected for the shortlist:

  • Annesley Abercorn
  • Caroline Attfield
  • Glyn Chambers
  • Lynne Hack
  • Sheila Lawlor
  • Warwick Lightfoot
  • Anthony Samuels

North West MEP Shortlist

Sir Robert Atkins MEP is standing down at the next election after 15 years in the European Parliament. The remaining MEPs were both reselected:

  • Jacqueline Foster
  • Sajjad Karim

The six candidates comprising the rest of the shortlist are:

  • Joe Barker
  • Kevin Beatty
  • Deborah Dunleavy
  • Daniel Hamilton
  • Gregory Morgan
  • James Walsh


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