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A quick profile of Mike Freer MP

Freer MikeName: Mike Freer

Date of birth: 29/5/60

Constituency: Finchley and Golders Green

Areas of interest and expertise: 

  • Reducing cost of Central Government
  • Local Government Reform.

Distinguishing career milestones: (including education, jobs, positions and offices held):

  • Reform of Barnet Council (dubbed EasyCouncil)
  • Local Government funding initiatives (Barnet Financing Plan) that informed policy on New Homes Bonus & Business Rate retention.

Greatest source of political pride: (could be swing, legislation passed, involvement in a campaign): Securing criminalisation of squatting for residential properties in conjunction with Mike Weatherley MP.

Political hero and why:

Margaret Thatcher – her ability to grasp what needed to be done, stick to the course and, importantly, connect directly to the public.

Inspiring political quote:

“I will not change just to court popularity” - Thatcher

What advice would you give to a young politician?:

Get your hands dirty with a job in business/commerce and put some money behind you.


  • Do you support gay marriage? Yes
  • At how many weeks of pregnancy should abortion become illegal? As now
  • Should we legalise assisted dying? No
  • At some point drugs like cannabis should become legal? No
  • In, out or reform of Europe? Reform or out
  • Favourite US president? Reagan
  • Who is likeliest to be next Tory PM - Boris or one of the 2010 intake?neither
  • English votes for English laws? No, a UK Parliament for the UK
  • Will America, China or India be the most powerful nation by 2050? China
  • You have to increase taxes on high value properties, air travel or tobacco? Which one? Tobacco

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