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Nadine Dorries won't like it but poll finds that David Cameron is much more popular than her in her own constituency

By Tim Montgomerie
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Over on Comment Lord Ashcroft has written about a poll that he commissioned in Nadine Dorries MP's Mid-Beds constituency. It coincides with her eviction (video) from I'm A Celebrity - at the end of last night's programme.

Here are some of the key findings of a poll of 1,500 adults, conducted from 14th to 18th November:

51% would vote Conservative in an election held tomorrow (that's down just 2% on the last general election). Labour are up 7% to 22%. Lib Dems down 13% to 12%. UKIP are up 3% to 8%.

On a scale of zero (very negative feelings) to ten (very positive feelings) Nadine Dorries scored just 2.82. She won't like the fact that "posh boy" David Cameron is much more popular than her:

Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 07.56.42

Overall 35% think she's been a good MP for Mid Beds. 35% do not.

16% approve of Nadine Dorries going into the jungle but 58% disapprove.

8% say her decision has made them MORE likely to vote for Nadine Dorries. 44% say it's made them LESS likely. 48% say it's made no difference.

58% agree that "DC was right to suspend ND from the Conservative Party when he found out she would not be in Westminster to do her job". 64% of Tory voters agree with the PM's decision.

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