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Calling Zac's whip...calling Zac's whip...calling Zac's whip...

By Paul Goodman
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We live in the age of the Twitter MP.

A smart Whip told ConservativeHome that the Parliamentary Party "is now unwhippable".

Zac Goldsmith is the ultimate unwhippable Twitter MP - a symbol of how the Parliamentary Party is changing.

I am not complaining.  Mr Goldsmith is the MP for the lovely constituency in which I grew up, Richmond Park, a.k.a God's Own Country.

Its voters should be proud to have a representative who's so independent-minded (aided by being independently-wealthy).  I would vote and campaign for him like a shot.

None the less, I have a sneaking sympathy for the whips.  Unbiddable MPs have their place.  And so do Conservative Governments, even in coalition.

P.S: Now that I come to think of it, Zac's father set up his own party, didn't he, or is my memory deceiving me...?


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