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Martin Callanan MEP: Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU is "downright out of touch"

By Peter Hoskin
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Martin Callanan MEP, the Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists and frequent ConHome contributor, has issued the following statement about the Nobel Committee's decision to award its Peace Prize to the EU:

“The Nobel committee is a little late for an April fools joke.

20 years ago this prize would have been sycophantic but maybe more justified. Today it is downright out of touch.

Presumably this prize is for the peace and harmony on the streets of Athens and Madrid.

The EU's policies have exacerbated the fallout of the financial crisis and led to social unrest that we haven't seen for a generation.

The Nobel Peace Prize was devalued when it was given to newly-elected Barack Obama. By giving the prize to the EU the Nobel committee has undermined the excellent work of the other deserving winners of this prize.”

I'll try to collect more Tory reaction here, as it comes in...

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