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EU poster places hammer and sickle emblem above Christian Cross and symbols of other religions

By Tim Montgomerie
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Over on his blog Dan Hannan MEP is rightly angry but not lost for words:

"For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death. It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people's courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned. It fluttered over the re-education camps and the gulags. For hundreds of millions of Europeans, it was a symbol of foreign occupation. Hungary, Lithuania and Moldova have banned its use, and various former communist countries want it to be treated in the same way as Nazi insignia. Yet here it sits on a poster in the European Commission, advertising the moral deafness of its author (I hope that's what it is, rather than lingering nostalgia)."

Communism was not as nakedly racist or evil as Nazism but it was at least as murderous. More people have died under communist tyranny than Nazi tyranny. Many of today's EU states suffered horribly under communism. It is repugnant than an EU poster should bear the Soviet Union's symbol.


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