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Conservative MPs react positively to the reshuffle

By Matthew Barrett
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Since details of the reshuffle have emerged, Tory MPs, especially on the right of the party, have been reacting positively to David Cameron's appointments.

LAWSON NIGEL TODAYLord Lawson was pleased with the reshuffle:

"I am on the whole very pleased with what has been done. There's another purpose why you need reshuffles. There is always a need to curb public spending and ministers become attached to their departmental budgets and therefore the Treasury needs to have new ministers who will look at their departmental budgets with fresh eyes and find ways of further savings and that is particularly necessary at the present time."

He had specific praise for Owen Paterson's promotion:

"I am very pleased to see in this reshuffle the promotion of Owen Paterson. Owen Paterson is little known to the British public because he has been Northern Ireland Secretary, so he is well known there, but really little known elsewhere. He is in fact one of the most able and promising young men or women around the Cabinet and therefore his promotion to Environment is extremely welcome….he is a man of reason and sense."

Bridgen AndrewAndrew Bridgen said the reshuffle was more wide-ranging than many Tories had expected:

"I think the reaction from the backbenches is that this reshuffle is quite a lot more extensive than we actually predicted. So it is far more radical. But at the end of the day, these reshuffles are of great interest for those of us in the Westminster bubble and the media out there, but I think the people, your viewers, are really interested in policy, not necessarily personality, and it’s about reinvigorating the Government and pushing those policies forward to deliver economic growth that’s going to get the country out of recession."

Peter Bone spoke of the party's "delight":

"I mean, if we’ve taken into government some of the people who were EU rebels or Lords rebels, and brought the Party together, an actually had a more Conservative government than we had before then I think the party will be delighted, and we seem to be going in that direction"

Finally, Eleanor Laing was not convinced the reshuffle would change the mood of the parliamentary party - she was asked on BBC News whether the reshuffle would result in a "more cohesive" Conservative Party with less rebellions, and she answered: "I very much doubt it".

On Twitter, tributes were paid to outgoing colleagues

Praise was given to incoming Secretaries of State:

However, some MPs were critical of the Government's decision to move Justine Greening:

One MP was notably downbeat:

While another provided comedy:


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