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When should the Corby by-election be held?

By Peter Hoskin
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ConservativeHome understands that, despite earlier reports, the date for the Corby by-election is still not set in stone. At the moment, there are two options. Here they are, with some of the considerations that will factor in the choice:

15 November

This is the date that has been mentioned today. It is also the day of two other by-elections — in Cardiff South and Manchster Central — as well as of the police commissioner elections. Wrapping it up with these elections could have two benefits. First, it would make the campaign cheaper. Second, it could mean that any bad result will be diluted by what's around it, particularly if Tory candidates do well in the police commissioner votes.


There is talk that the party could move the writ forward to September, around or before the time of Labour's party conference. This might be a boon for Ed Miliband, giving him something to crow about from the stage in Manchester. But it could also help David Cameron stage a "relaunch" a couple of weeks later in Birmingham, rather than having that relaunch undermined from the off by Labour regaining a seat from the Tories in November. It would also give UKIP — who already have a Roger Helmer-shaped presence in the area — less time to organise themselves.

So, what do you think? The comments section is yours.


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