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Nick Clegg, the man who porky pied to students about tuition fees, does the same on boundary changes

By Tim Montgomerie
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Nick Clegg today:

"The Conservative Party is not honouring the commitment to Lords reform and, as a result, part of our contract has now been broken... I have told the prime minister that when, in due course, parliament votes on boundary changes for the 2015 election I will be instructing my party to oppose them."

Nick Clegg answering a question from Tory MP Eleanor Laing on 19th April this year (Q179):

Eleanor Laing:

"Is it the case that the reports that your party’s support for further progress on boundaries legislation is dependent upon progress on House of Lords reform legislation are wrong?"

Nick Clegg (my emphasis):

"Of course, there is no reliance on our support for a Coalition Agreement commitment for progress on unrelated or other significant parallel constitutional formations. I have said that. There is no link; of course, there is no link."

There is a word for that. Every student in Britain who remembers Nick Clegg's pre-election promises on tuition fees will know what it is. A three letter word. Yet another Liberal Democrat porky pie.


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