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Louise Mensch MP gets Labour to speak out against the Thatcher hate

By Peter Hoskin
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Yesterday, Louise Mensch took to Twitter to highlight how, disgustingly, a Facebook user had invited her to a party for the occasion of Lady Thatcher’s death. As this person had themselves down as a Labour supporter, she encouraged Ed Miliband’s party to say or do something in reproach:

What followed was something of a digital storm, with other Twitter users rushing to amplify (or denounce) the Thatcher hate. Mensch also highlighted some of the worst (or best) of these tweets, all of which can be seen on her timeline. And still she kept pressing Labour:


And so to an hour-or-so ago, when the Telegraph’s Rosa Prince reported:

“A spokesman for Labour has now responded, saying: ‘Language like this has no place on politics or civilised society. No one should be wanting to celebrate the death of anyone.’”

Louise Mensch has since responded:



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