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Politics.co.uk names best MPs on Twitter (including Nadine Dorries and Louise Mensch) and shames the worst

By Tim Montgomerie
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Dorries Nadine HIGNFYThe Politics.co.uk website has named Nadine Dorries MP as the best MP on Twitter. The website's Ian Dunt recommends following the Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordshire for representing the Tory right and for her general outspoken-ness. He also commends her humanity:

"There is a disarmingly charming side, where Dorries offers warm, kind hearted messages to friends and enemies alike. Suddenly she becomes cheeky, fun and very human – probably the most natural and unselfconscious of all MPs online. It is a baffling combination of characteristics from a complex political figure. It makes her the best MP on Twitter."

The only other Tory MP in the top ten is Louise Mensch, at number 7.

Unfortunately, Conservatives dominate the list of ten worst MPs on Twitter. Phillip Lee, Mark Garnier, James Morris, Stuart Andrew, Jeremy Lefroy, Damian Hinds, Brandon Lewis and Steve Brine all feature.

Lee PhilipIan Dunt doesn't hold back in his criticism of these MPs. This is his verdict on Dr Phillip Lee:

"It's difficult to imagine a mind so broken it could bear to read the tweets of Dr Phillip Lee, although some must exist, because he sports over 600 followers. His messages are commendably constituency-based, but they are so grey it is hard to finish them without falling into a catatonic state of despair. "Today met with BT senior executives to discuss broadband in Bracknell constituency," he tweets. And then: "My regular walkabouts through the constituency are a great way to meet local residents." Siri probably has a more distracting social life."

And on Stuart Andrew...

"Stuart Andrew's Euro 2012 quarter finals tweets were spectacularly misjudged, even by the standards of the dangerous pub/sport/tweet axis. "No updates until it's over!!!" he wrote at one point. Note the idiotic use of exclamation marks. Moments later: "Except for that one!!!!!" Then, despite the previous promise: "How disappointing!" And finally, a eurosceptic pun barely worthy of the name: "As I've always thought...better off out of the Euro!!" Of course, the tragedy of Andrew's Twitter feed is not always so rampant, but the common themes are there: banality, predictability, intellectual failure."


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