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David Davies MP wants a debt clock on every taxpayer-funded website

By Tim Montgomerie
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Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 07.57.52Tory MP for Monmouth, David T C Davies has written to the Chancellor asking for him to deliver a new way of reminding people of Britain's debt burden. Mr Davies wants every organisation in receipt of taxpayers' money to put some sort of debt clock on to their websites.

This is what he writes:

"The EU insists any project to which it sends money has to put an EU logo on its website. (I have always found this somewhat irritating as it is really only British taxpayers’ money from which various EU bureaucrats have taken a large slice, but that is by the by.)

My suggestion is that every single organisation which is in receipt of public funds should put a small box onto its website stating the level of public debt.

This might make officials demanding more public money think a little more carefully about the impact their spending has on the British economy. It might also make members of the public reading their websites take note of the enormous debts we are running up which we will one day have to pay back.

I am sure you will agree we all need to be reminded at every opportunity that Britain simply cannot go on borrowing hundreds of billions of pounds every year. This would be a small step to jogging people’s memories that there is no magical money tree and any spending above current levels will have to be borrowed and repaid with interest."

The TaxPayers' Alliance's debt clock is still tick tocking away here.


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