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Tory MP David Davies apologises for "incompetence at the highest levels of government" and warns Cameron that he might not be in position much longer

By Tim Montgomerie
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DAVIES DAVIDHis mother has voted for UKIP and the Tories have lost control of his local council. Tory MP for Monmouth David Davies has warned Cameron that he may not be in position for very long if he doesn't raise his game.

Mr Davies has written this letter to the South Wales Argus:

"May I sincerely congratulate councillors of all parties, and none, who were elected to Monmouthshire County Council last week. I shall be very happy to work with you all on improving local services.

May I also offer my apologies to those who feel the Conservative-led coalition has let them down. I must acknowledge there has been incompetence at the highest levels of government over the last few months in a number of departments.

Meanwhile, there has been an emphasis on issues such as gay marriage and reform of the House of Lords, at the expense of explaining the financial situation; a failure to deport dangerous terrorists because of concerns about human rights; and an apparent unwillingness to listen to the concerns of electors and the backbench MPs who represent them.

I shall have no hesitation in expressing my concerns in Parliament."

I don't think that text was approved by Conservative HQ.

The Press Association has an additional quote from Mr Davies, Chairman of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee:

"David Cameron needs to change his tack very rapidly otherwise he's not going to be in position for very long. I am sure he realises his supporters are not happy with what's going on. If I sound like I'm being critical I am. I have been loyal for the last couple of years - although I have voted against the Government on certain things like the EU referendum question - but there comes a point when it is becoming more difficult to remain so loyal."

As I blogged last night, party discipline is in danger of breaking down.


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