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The famous Mrs Bone gets rejected as police commissioner candidate by Conservative HQ

By Tim Montgomerie
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Mrs Bone MoS

Mrs Bone is one of the most famous spouses in Westminster. Peter Bone MP has turned her into a political celebrity by constantly quoting her opinions at Prime Minister's Questions.

Mrs Bone wanted to enter politics herself by becoming Tory candidate for her local Police Commissioner's job but her application has been rejected by Conservative HQ. In an email explaining the decision Lord Feldman, Party Co-Chairman, said she lacked sufficient "depth of intellect". The Mail on Sunday describes the email as "insulting".

Having a degree in French and having run her own business Mrs Bone sees spite in the decision. "Lord Feldman said I'm too stupid to do the job. But I suspect the real reason I've been turned down is because the party grandees want to get to Peter through me. It's bully-boy behaviour," she said.

Speaking to ConHome yesterday Mr Bone was very disappointed and certainly agreed with his wife's interpretation of Conservative HQ's decision. He noted that CCHQ was under instruction to positively discriminate in favour of women. If Parliament hadn't been in recess I suspect he would have attempted to raise the matter at Wednesday's PMQs.


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