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Full list of legislation announced in the Queen's Speech

By Matthew Barrett
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Queen's-Speech-processionI have listed below all the Bills announced in the Queen's Speech this morning:

Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

  • Repeal unnecesary legislation and limiting state inspections of companies
  • Set up a Green Investment Bank
  • Reform competition law
  • Transfer responsibility for developing the Code of Audit Practice to the National Audit Office
  • Transfer the Audit Commission's data-matching powers to another body. 

Banking Reform Bill

  • Implement some of the Vickers report recommendations to ringfence retail and investment actitivities within banks
  • Reduce the commitment of the taxpayer and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme by ensuring that depositors are treated as preferred creditors and paid before unsecured creditors.

Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill

  • A new independent ombudsman to ensure supermarkets treat suppliers fairly
  • Large supermarket chains will be held to account if they break the Groceries Code

Small Donations Bill
  • Increase the income of small charities by releasing them from the requirement to collect Gift Aid declarations on small donations

Energy Bill

  • Introduce a feed-in tariff with contracts for difference, which will support low-carbon energy generation
  • Prevent construction of new coal plants which emit more than a certain level of carbon
  • Ensure energy security through a capacity mechanism
  • Create an independent Office for Nuclear Regulation
  • Sell the Government Pipeline and Storage System, which is currently owned by the Ministry of Defence
  • Introduce a Strategy and Policy Statement on energy

Draft Water Bill

  • Reform of the water industry in England and Wales

Pensions Bill

  • Replace the current system with a single-tier pension - as set out in the Budget
  • Bring forward the increase in the state pension age to 67 between 2026 and 2028.
  • Commit to increasing the state pension age in accordance with increases in life expectancy

Public Service Pensions Bill

  • Start implementation of the Final Proposed Agreements reached with unions on the three largest public sector pension schemes, based on the recommendations of the Independent Public Services Pensions Commission
  • Introduce a new basis for calculating public service pensions based on average earnings, rather than final salary
  • Protect those closest to retirement from the changes to the amount of pension that they will receive
  • Introduce cost controls so that members of pension schemes and their employers share the cost of future unforeseen changes

Draft Local Audit Bill

  • Abolish the Audit Commission and set out the new procedure for audit of public bodies

Children and Families Bill

  • Cut bureaucracy preventing early specialist support for children with special educational needs
  • Cut the amount of time an ethnic minority child waits to be adopted
  • Speed up care proceedings by reforming the family justice system. There will be a time limit of six months for a care case to be completed. The requirement for interim care and supervision orders to be renewed every month will be renewed
  • Allow parents to take flexible parental leave
  • Enable children to have a relationship with both their parents if their family breaks up
  • Measures to improve provision for disabled children

Draft Care and Support Bill

  • Modernise the legal framework for care and support in advance of the forthcoming White Paper on the subject
  • Respond to the recommendations of the Law Commission, which conducted a three-year review into social care law
  • Establish Health Education England and the Health Research Authority as quangos
  • Create a London Health Improvement Board.

Electoral Registration and Administration Bill

  • Require voters to register individually rather than by household from 2015
  • Make it easier for people to register to vote, possibly through digital applications

House of Lords Reform Bill

  • Introduce elected lawmakers
  • Cut the size of the Upper Chamber
  • Elect peers according to the regions and the nations of the UK
  • Allow the House to expel members who have committed serious offences
Crime and Courts Bill
  • Establish a National Crime Agency to investigate serious, organised and complex crime
  • Establish a Single County Court system and Single Family Court
  • Reform the judicial appointments process
  • Provide incentives for compliance with fines
  • Allow data to be shared between the courts and tribunals service
  • Reform community sentences
  • Introduce a new offence of driving, or being in charge of, a motor vehicle when over the limit for controlled substances

Defamation Bill

  • Introduce a requirement that a statement must have caused serious harm for it to be defamatory
  • Address libel tourism

Justice and Security Bill

  • Allow courts to consider all material relating to a case, even where national security prevents that information from being made public

Draft Communications Data Bill

  • Enable the police and intelligence agencies to access communications data
  • This will include an updated framework for the collection, retention and acquisition of communications data which enables a flexible response to technological change

European Union Bill

  • To seek Parliament’s approval for the agreed financial stability mechanism within the Eurozone

Croatia Accession Bill

  • Seek the approval of Parliament on the accession of Croatia to the EU

Via PoliticsHome.


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